LIFX is an energy-efficient lighting company that Brad R. Fox and John C Whitcomb founded. It has become one of the leading brands of lighting available today for both residential and commercial uses.

The LIFX line of products are designed to be energy efficient while offering quality design and style. Technology and design wise, LIFX designs have evolved over the years and are now available with a variety of additional features for you to use and enjoy.

With the LIFX beam extension system, you can create a flexible and fully lit surface that can be customized and placed almost anywhere.

Here are some great ideas for you to design your home or office with LIFX beam! And our full LIFX Beam Review:

LIFX BEAM for home office setup:

LIFX Beam Review: Home Office

LIFX BEAM in living room:

LIFX Beam Review: Living room

LIFX Beam Price and Availability

If you feel the urge to buy it then, LIFX beam is available at $149.99 on their own platform []. But for some it might feel a bit expensive! I mean you cant buy a full set of 4 Philips Hue bulbs and get it over with but would that really look this cool? Something to ponder upon.

So, for the budget craving fellows out there, LIFX beam is currently going at $119.99 with FREE Returns right now at Amazon, go here. You can also find LIFX products on a few other websites too.

LIFX Beam – Design & Aesthetics

LIFX Beam Kit Review

About LIFX Beam, the design itself grabs most of the eyes. The sleek RGB colored minimalist light which you would want to fix in your room or your gaming den perhaps. This very thought blows everyone’s mind and the feature it comes with does the rest.

So, it comes with 6 polychrome solid strips [which is the beam, life they call it] with one corner per pack. Beam Dimensions are 11.81″ x 1.38″ x 0.79″, which is decent enough to light up or beam up your room.

LIFX Beam – Unboxing

LIFX Beam Review: Unboxing

Inside of the box, at least in our starter kit, we get six different beams. All these can be connected together in whatever shape that we’d like. Now you are somewhat limited with shapes as far as beams go, cause they only have one connection on either end, but you can just make long straight lines or put a curve in the middle with the corner in the kit.

Aside from the actual beams, you have the normal getting starter guide containing your home kit pairing code, the power adapter, the wall adapter, the place adapter based on where you are locally and the corner piece.

LIFX Beam Review: Unboxing

So the beams really are just a long shell of plastic, with an led light strip in the middle. On the back are two command strips that use the hook and loop Velcro based adhesives, kinda like 3M.

LIFX Beam Review: Unboxing

On each end of the beam, they either have a female or male connector and you can see here, these sticks out a little bit on the other side are reassessed just slightly.

So when the beam goes next to each other, they will magnetically connect and the pins will form a connection lighting up the rest of the light strips.

LIFX Beam – Features, App, and Functions

LIFX Beam, another great smart gadget from LIFX that works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant as well as Apple’s home kit. It works with pretty much every smart assistant and smart home platform under the sun.

As you saw at the beginning of the article, the life X beam also is able to create multiple colors in different sections of the beam, in different sections of your house. Which can have really neat effects. Especially if you use something to tie it to music or any of the other effects that are in the LIFX app.

There is one thing that’s a little bit wonky when using the color selector, the temperatures of white in the home app, get far too blue and far too yellow using those. So it’s best to pre-program them or do them in the LIFX app.

LIFX Beam Review: LIFX App

The Beam uses your home WIFI connection for it to work, according to the specs it uses 802.11n Wi-Fi (2.4GHz) to connect to your home WIFI network. So, you would need a decent wireless internet network, if you already do then all good.

Now the app is pretty straight forward but for some, it might get a little struggling to set it up at first, but once you do it properly you are through. Once connected, you will see

From the home screen, you get basic control of the Beam, with on/off and dimming controls, plus a colour and light temperature wheel. It’s really easy to get the balance of the settings.


So what do you guys think that is our review of the life X beam? It really is a kind of a cool, smart light. There’s a lot of stuff that you can do with it. I love the different lighting solutions. It’s a really cool effect in the living room. In the morning It kind of warms up and then it gets cooler and warmer again into the evening.

So if you want to pick one up, you can find one at the link below in the description. And I want to hear your thoughts, throw them in the comments down below, or reach out to me on Facebook directly at @tecronicles.