Already recognized as one of the leading nations in technology with its bustling robotic hotels, typhoon-powered wind turbines, and advanced gadgets, Japan is looking to take over in the field of digital innovations.

These plans are propelled nu the plan to come up with the world’ fastest supercomputer. According to Reuters, Japan’s goal is to create a machine to assist the nation’s scientists to improve on all other tech fields.

Already, reports speculate that the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry is set to invest $173 M into the supercomputer project. This project is set to put Japan on a level of its own, apart from competing for Asian technology superpowers South Korea and China.

Just how fast will the supercomputer be? Reuters reports that 130 quadrillion calculations (i.e. 130 petaflops) per second, are expected. The Sunway Taihulight, a Chinese invention currently holds the position of the fastest the machine with 93 petaflops. Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Science and Technology is expected to release the supercomputer by 2017.

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The field of artificial intelligence is expected to gain the most. Due to the calculations needed, scientists expect the supercomputer to have faster calculations in hopes of closely monitoring the brain’s neural pathways. This computer will aid deep learning technology. With the supercomputer, projects such as a self-driving car, advanced factory automation, and improved medical technology are closer than before.

Currently, no company has been selected to undertake this project and bidding will close on December 8. Exciting as this sounds, it’s about to unfold with the New Year.